Friday, August 31, 2007

Rudy for choice

Rudy Giuliani hit C-SPAN's Road to the White House last week, and the videos are making the rounds now. During his New Hampshire speech, the former New York mayor reiterated his strong support for school choice. Here's an excerpt:
"Colleges and universities are still among the best in the world. ... American K-12 is not outperforming the rest of the world. In K-12, we've got a lot of countries outperforming us. Now why is that? ... The difference is that American higher education is based on a quintessential American principle that always means improvement, called choice and competition. If the federal government helps you to get a higher education, the federal government does not direct you where to go to school. ... That doesn't happen in K-12 by and large. The government controls that completely. It demands and requires and by law directs you as to where you have to send your child to school. And the school could be great, the school could be awful. ... So I would give parents control over their children's education."
To view the entire clip, click here.

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