Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Clinton on NCLB in Chicago

Thanks to Richard Whitmire for noting the ed nugget in last night's Democratic debate/forum sponsored by the AFL-CIO.
During the outdoor candidate confab in Chicago, Hillary Clinton fielded a citizen-generated question on No Child Left Behind. She called the law "a terrible imposition on teachers and school districts and families and students," partly because of funding and partly because of interpretation. Clinton said the law was an unfunded mandate and was not interpreted or enforced "the right way" by Bush and the Department of Education. She advocated growth models for students, broader curricula and "a total change in No Child Left Behind." The best sound bite: "We need to make sure when we look at our children, we don't just see a little walking test."
All quotes from the debate transcript, a link to which can be found on the NYT Web site.


Pedro Morgado said...
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Anonymous said...

How are we as parents supposed to trust the educational system? When teachers are fixing tests to make their students pass exams due to the “No Child Left Behind” mandate. This is ridiculous. Maybe they should reevaluate NCLB?? Check out