Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Clinton and charter schools

It pays to read education blogs -- one of my "guilty pleasures" -- especially when one is catching up on presidential contenders and their views on education. Over at, guest blogger Sara Mead posted an entry July 31 noting the frustration of ed policy people over the Dems. lukewarm promotion of ed reform. Not aggressive enough, apparently. Mead linked to a July 3 NY Sun story about Hillary Clinton's NEA speech, which combined support for charter schools with opposition for vouchers. The latter would be an end to public education and an erosion of democracy, Clinton said in the story. But charters are okay, as long as they are held to the same standards as public schools, and "do not drain the financial resources of public schools." Interesting comment, as charter schools are public schools.
For those interested in the story, here's the link:
-- Cathy Grimes

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caroline said...

If you like reading blogs, here's a counterpoint -- albeit a local one -- to pro-charter Eduwonk. I co-blog on, the San Francisco Schools blog, where we do a lot of criticism of charter schools. We even dare to question some of the claims about the sainted (all kneel) KIPP. Just in case you're looking for some elaboration on Clinton's point that charter schools harm other public schools, districts and kids. -- Caroline Grannan, San Francisco public-school parent, volunteer and advocate