Monday, August 27, 2007

Dodd and student loans

The Connecticut senator already has said he favors free community college for all. But what about the costs of higher ed for students who want more?

Higher Ed Watch is giving kudos to Dodd for his Banking Committee's recent approval of a bill that would require lenders to inform applicants if lower-cost federal student loans are available to them. The group, a branch of the "post-partisan" New America Foundation, calls the legislation a positive first step toward making sure college students don't overburden themselves with loans.

In other ed news, Dodd doesn't get much mainstream media loving, what with Obama and Clinton ruling the roost. But if you're really interested in his thoughts about various education issues, you might check out On the Issues, a blog that tracks his answers to the questions he's been posed during the campaign and even before that.

-- Jeff Solochek

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