Sunday, September 16, 2007

Obama: Give teachers more and extra pay

A sharp-eyed reader at my education blog, Get on the Bus, pointed me to this clip in which Charlie Rose asks Barack Obama for his thoughts on education that is part of a mashup on all of the candidates' positions (see previous item) on a variety of issues.

In the clip, Obama calls No Child Left Behind "false advertising," saying the U.S. Education system does well for some but not for all.

Obama goes on to say he favors bonuses for those willing to teach math and science or in inner city and rural schools. He talks up an impending teacher shortage and the need to attact new people to the profession. To do that, he says we'll have to pay them more, offer them more professional deveopment and rely on their judgement to set standards. He also says he favors universal early childhood education.

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