Monday, September 10, 2007

The Candidates and Higher Education

Hi everyone,

My name is Sara Hebel, and I am coordinating the 2008 election coverage for The Chronicle of Higher Education. I've agreed to occasionally cross post some items from our new blog, Campaign U.

As we start up this week, we've got a variety of items about the candidates and higher education.

One of our entries looks at some of Fred Thompson's recent comments related to higher education. As has been noted here already, the latest entrant to the 2008 race has expressed support for arming more people on college campuses. Our post links to his ABC News Radio commentary about that and about other topics, including his lament about "political correctness" at colleges and his desire for more academic programs about military history.

We've also pointed to a few indications that higher education may be developing a crush, so to speak, on Barack Obama. (So far, for instance, he's raked in more money than any other candidate from college employees, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.)

Our election page includes a rundown of the key higher-education stances of all of the presidential candidates.

I look forward to contributing to the conversation here.

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