Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Iowa teachers to Obama: Kill NCLB

Wow, some Iowa educators really seem to hate No Child Left Behind.

At least that's what they told a representative of the Barack Obama campaign who came to hear their concerns.

Inez Tenenbaum, former South Carolina superintendent of education, came to Marshalltown, Iowa, for Obama and according to the Times Republican newspaper, educators from the Marshalltown area unloaded on her about NCLB. One teacher said if NCLB were ever fully funded, as some politicians have urged, it "would be the death of public education."

Meanwhile, on a recent visit to a sweltering 111-year-old school in South Carolina's "corridor of shame," where educators have complained about the inequities in facilities, Obama called for federal aid to upgrade outdated facilities, while at the same time cautioning that money is not always the answer to problems in education, according to a TV report.

And at Huffington Post, Dave Riegel says Obama is trying to have both ways on performance pay.

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