Friday, February 1, 2008

maybe next time

Thursday's debate offered a chance to compare and contrast Senators Clinton and Obama on several key issues. The economy? Check. Immigration? Check. Health care? Double check. The wars? Check.
Education? Maybe next debate.
While the cameras noted several celebrities in the audience and entertainment got a mention, the debate was not a fluff fest. But education was mentioned mostly in passing. For those who missed it, the transcript, available here, is worth a look as much that was said regarding the economy and immigration touches peripherally on education. Sounds like CNN is hoping for another one-on-one Democratic candidate debate at the end of the month, so we can hope it will include more focus on education. Keep an ear out for sound bites after Feb. 4's USED press conference on the President's proposed education budget. There may be fresh attacks regarding inadequate funding for NCLB and IDEA, and cuts in myriad programs.

~ Cathy Grimes

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