Monday, February 25, 2008

Is Obama for or against vouchers?

(Obama and Clinton after last week's debate.)

It seems Barack Obama was opposed to vouchers before he was open to them before he opposed them again.

You may recall that Obama told the big teachers unions that he opposed vouchers on a questionnaire back in the fall but then told the Milwaulkee Journal Sentinel he would consider changing his position if vouchers in that city were proven to work to raise student achievement.

That prompted the Ohio Federation of Teachers, in advance of next week's high stakes primary, to demand an explanation of where Obama stands. Obama replied that he is still solidly opposed to vouchers, Education Week reports. (We should probably note that OFT's national union, the American Federation of Teachers, has endorsed Hillary Clinton while the other big national teachers union, the National Education Association, has yet to endorse.)

Meanwhile, over at This Week in Education, Alexander Russo is skeptical of Obama because of his inspiring rhetoric about the power of education and the nation's ability to improve in that area. Russo says generally the people who speak most eloquently about education are doing the least to actually make it better.

Russo also takes note of Obama's knock on NCLB for not addressing foreign language instruction during the last debate with Clinton.

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