Saturday, January 26, 2008

Students choose Clinton

While South Carolina voters cast their votes today, Virginia's Washington and Lee University -- a liberal arts college in Lexington, wrapped up a mock election and declared the next president. The students -- about 95 percent of whom work on the convention -- chose Hillary Clinton, despite popular sentiment favoring Sen. Obama, who came in second. You can read about it here in the Roanoke Times. According to the story, the students have a pretty good track record for predicting presidents, and do so based on research.
How good is the endorsement of about 1,900 students from a small college in Virginia? According to the story, in 100 years of holding conventions, they've only missed five times.
In the wake of some fierce politicking and debating, she also picked up a primary endorsement from the NYT, which had this to say about her views on education: "Mrs. Clinton also has good ideas about fixing the dysfunction in Mr. Bush’s No Child Left Behind education program." You can read the whole endorsement here.
More as the primary season gathers steam.
~ Cathy Grimes
The Daily Press

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