Monday, January 28, 2008

Romney's 10% Solution and Youth Voting Obstacles

Maybe it should come as no surprise that the forces of capitalism are merging with the ideals of student volunteerism in Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.

The former governor of Massachusetts, who amassed a personal fortune as a business man that has been estimated to be worth as much as $350-million, is using money as a way to help energize young campaign workers.

In what appears to be the first program of its kind, Mr. Romney's campaign is signing up students to solicit donations and paying them a 10-percent commission if they raise at least $1,000.

Here's The Chronicle's look at the effort.

Meanwhile, we also wrote this story last week about the obstacles college students face to voting.

As the youth vote gains a lot of attention this election cycle, groups that register, educate, and protect student voters are redoubling their efforts, the story reports. And advocacy groups are lobbying for laws — like Election Day registration — that favor college-aged voters.

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