Thursday, October 11, 2007

Giuliani: Education is the key

What's the biggest impediment to the country's long-term economic success? The K-12 education system, says GOP front-runner Rudy Giuliani.

“I’d like to point out that I think the biggest economic problem we face long term is our education — our K-12 education,” Giuliani said near the close of Tuesday's Michigan debate on the economy. “If we can reform that and change it around choice, I think the sky’s the limit for the United States.” (Thanks to Education Daily for catching the quote.)

Giuliani's key reform for all that ails education is school choice. Expanding options for parents is one of his campaign's "12 commitments." As he said recently in a California campaign stop, "We’re going to take the decision-making and we’re going to put it in the hands of the people who really know the children, really love the children, really care about the children, more than anyone else: the parents."

To hear Giuliani's June comments about how he wants to "save" American public education with choice, click here.

(Photo credit: St. Petersburg Times)

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Anonymous said...

I'm a teacher and I gotta say, this school choice is the biggest baloney I've ever heard. Politicians need to stop making educational policy until they actually go into classrooms and schools. Choice is such an unrealistic concept. What we need to do is make sure schools are not funded by people's property taxes.There is such a disparity in funding and resources and it is really based on the incomes of the parents.