Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ed funding talk on Thursday?

A Washington Post A-1 story today reports Hillary Clinton will discuss a new education funding formula during a campaign stop Thursday in New Hampshire. You can read the story here.
Education was not one of the main topics of the interview, but may well be a key element of Clinton campaign stories Thursday. Stay tuned.
FYI, if you haven't read the Chronicle of Higher Ed Clinton profile, it is worth a look. The story gives good perspective and education threads through the whole.

~ Cathy Grimes

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gregory brown said...

Its hard to take this site seriously when it posts no article on Edwards' detailed education plan for 2 weeks, then offers only a quick item mocking the section headings of the speech (clearly suggesting no one could be bothered to actually read, let alone report, on it).

That same week there were three posts here about Clinton even though she did not mention education at all that week.

Now, we get a pre-story about a plan she may announce, to be followed, no doubt, by coverage of her plan.

I've been, by all appearances, one of the few to check in here reguarly but I can't see why I should continue to do so if the coverage is so inadequate. If you want to encourage more coverage of education issues in the campaign, then cover education issues.

To this point, I'm sorry to say, you're failing.