Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Obama gets girlie

Presidential contender Barack Obama didn’t miss an opportunity to show his love for the ladies, and to tell them he understands that some glass ceilings still exist. (This from the man who built Hillary Clinton’s roof.)

Obama marked the 36th anniversary of Title IX — the act of Congress that makes sure boys and girls programs are equally funded — by offering up some sympathetic comments about how far women in this country still have to go.

"Too many of America's daughters grow up facing barriers to their dreams,” he said. “Women's sports still often get short shrift in high school and college. High school vocational courses still tend to guide women toward lower-paying occupations. And when Americans need new skills to compete in this 21st century economy, women still make up fewer than one in five of our engineering graduates, and the number entering computer and information sciences programs is on the decline."

Obama pledged he would strengthen Title IX, if elected president, and would ask high schools to report data on equality in athletic programs, just like colleges do.

Wonder if this is an effort to win over Hillary supporters?

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